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The right buckle is an expression of a person’s personality!

The right buckle is an expression of a person’s personality!

People often regard neckties as an expression of a man’s personality but all that a necktie really does is enhance the overall aspect of a suit or even a dress shirt. But one thing which is more of a statement of one’s personality is quality belt buckles for men. It serve both a function by fastening the belt while being a strong statement be it character-wise or even status. Let us consider some of the main aspects to consider while choosing the right belt buckle since there is a fine line between being stylish and being tacky (which no one wants to be!).

The very first aspect is to choose the buckle for your body type. For example if you have a rather large frame then a large buckle will fit perfectly for you and vice versa if you have a small from a small buckle would be best suited. Another obvious point is that the buckle should fit the buckle so as it can be fastened nicely while holding the trousers up but you need to make sure that there is an adjustable closure to the buckle since one’s body tends to fluctuates throughout the year.

One thing which makes the buckle a piece which anyone can experiment with is the fact that it is fairly inexpensive. So if you wish to wear a particular belt buckle for work and then another for dates or weddings, it is perfectly acceptable. There are some people who even go as far as wearing gold buckles but be careful with this one since not everyone can carry it off. If you don’t have the confidence, you may look garish.

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