Which Belt to Wear and for Which Event?

Which Belt to Wear and for Which Event?

Above all, there are different kinds of belts, in various and varied materials. Here, we will look into only of the two great categories which you must absolutely know, the formal belts and the casual ones. If you are interested in belts mounted, encrusted, belts, martingales and other corsets, this blog is not for you! Whether we are talking about the first category or the second, we must focus on a few essential points: the material, the design and the quality of the finishes.


The Formal Belt

As you can imagine, in this area, leather is king. So forget the polyurethane (famous imitation leather) or the polyester. The two elements on which one must be vigilant are the leather and the buckle. I advise you to favour robust leather, with a subtle appearance that lends itself to the elegance of your outfit. There are multiple of quality belt buckles for men available online so that you can leisurely peruse before your purchase.


Let's go to the buckle.

Solid brass should ideally be chosen, but a brass plated or zamak will do very well if your budget is a little more restricted. Do not neglect the finishes, for example:

  • The belt section: has it been left unprocessed or has it received additional treatment (sanded, burned, greased, tinted)?
  • Are the belt elements sewn or simply glued together? Its lifetime can vary widely depending on the answer to this question.
  • The loops: are they doubled?

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