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Suit patterns | How to choose the pattern for your suit?

Suit patterns | How to choose the pattern for your suit?

In this article, let's focus on mens suit patterns. As for the suit colors, there are many options available. And choosing the right pattern for your next suit might seems tricky. Indeed, from the houndstooth to the mythical Scottish tartan, there is a wide slection of patterns. Luckily, once again, only a few of them are worth to keep in your wardrobe. Which ones? Well, wonder no more. Here are the essential patterns for your dressing.

The essential suit patterns for men

The stripes patterns

This is the standard pattern for a suit. The stripes appeared at the end of the twenties. And they originated from the world of tennis. Very quickly, a majority of men (and especially gangsters) adopted the pattern. Today, the striped suit has a very formal connotation. Therefore you would hardly wear it outside the professional sphere. The striped suit has the effect of refining the silhouette. However keep in mind that there are several types of stripes from thinner (called "tennis" stripes) to wider (called "chalk" stripes). Therefore it's essential this pattern to be proportional to your silhouette. Finally, striped suits are generally very contrasted. Keep this point in mind if you have a sudden urge to acquire a suit of this type.

Dark Blue Striped Suit
Dark Suit With Stripes Pattern
Navy Suit With Stripes

The herringbone patterns

Difficult to overlook this unavoidable motif for a suit. With stripes, herringbone is one of the most classic patterns. Quasi inseparable from the tweed fabric, herringbone can also be made finer on a simple woolen sheet. Generally tone on tone, this pattern is perfect for a first suit: Discreet and simple, it gives an elaborate touch to your suit. In fact, match it with a grey or navy blue suit. With a grey suit, you'll have a wide choice of colors for the shirt. And with a navy blue suit, just pick a white or light blue shirt for a perfect combination. If you feel more adventurous, try matching herringbone with a brown or olive tweed. Indeed, it may be an excellent alternative, adding a touch of retro to your outfit.

Herringbone Suits

The checks patterns

Here it's necessary to determine what the tile pattern is, because it exists in all sorts and shapes and is often confused with other motifs. The most common mistake is undoubtedly the association of tiles with tartan. If it borrows certain specificities to the plaid pattern, namely horizontal and vertical lines forming squares of more or less large areas, the tartan is distinguished by the alternation of bands of different thicknesses. The check pattern is only composed of vertical and horizontal stripes. The latter can be integrally joined but it is not uncommon to see an alternation of colors in the lines in order to create relief in the costume. Finally, if wearing a suit entirely adorned with window tiles may sometimes seem delicate, combining a jacket with this pattern on plain trousers is quite conceivable and, in most cases, will have a better rendering.

Suit With Checks
Checked Suit
Checks Pattern Suit

The Prince of Wales

As its name does not indicate it at all, the Prince of Wales motif was not created for a certain Charles with big ears. Originally, this motif was intended for the staff of the large Scottish landowners who had no right to the traditional tartan, which was then reserved for members of the different clans inhabiting the country. The Prince of Wales is a very particular type of plaid pattern composed of other distinct patterns: the houndstooth and the window pane. The weaving method then gives the illusion of a real patchwork. The Prince of Wales is originally discreet and elegant. Avoid any fabric with this pattern where the lines are too marked. Because of its discreet nature, the Prince of Wales can carry on daily. Finally, it suits perfectly for suits of grey or beige color, color for which it was originally intended.

Prince Of Wales Suit

Matching your belt

Either to go to the office to finalize the project you've been working on for months or to the city hall to join your beloved for the most important day of your life, the choice of your belt is paramount. Therefore, it must obviously be matching with your outfit. And bring a discreet touch of color to it.

In order to avoid any lack of taste, it's commonly agreed to match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. So you can avoid drawing too much attention on your bust. This is why it is also best to opt for a thinner formal belt. Note also that you must avoid mismatch the colors. So, with a dark suit, do not choose a pair of brown shoes, nor a brown belt!

Sartoria Sapone is all about belts

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