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Suit materials | Why does suit materials matter?

Suit materials | Why does suit materials matter?

If the color of a suit can be a relatively simple criterion to determine, the choice of the fabric of our next urban armor remains sometimes a puzzle. Indeed, so many criteria to take into account: thermal insulation, fabric quality, nature of the fabric... You will understand, these criteria revolve around the fabric! The latter can be realized in different materials and all have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. A lot of information is therefore to be assimilated in order to choose the ideal fabric according to the usefulness that one will have of our future suit. And as a 100% wool does not necessarily mean a set of quality, we have tried to dissect and develop these different points so as not to choose randomly its complete.


This is undoubtedly the queen of the materials for a suit. However, there are all the qualities, a 100% wool suit will not guarantee a good suit with impeccable rendering. It is also the material that can be used both in winter and in summer. It will be a question of monitoring the weight, expressed in ounce (the unit of measure of the British imperial system), in order to know for which season the suit is intended. A suit of 16 oz for example will be perfect to follow you all the winter: it will keep you hot without choking you. In short, wool is available in different types of fabrics, all adapted to a particular situation. Moreover, it is the basic material for all mixtures: it is therefore not uncommon to see a suit combine wool and silk for example to obtain an elegant and glossy. Harmony suit victor gray


The significant advantage of using cotton in the manufacture of a suit is its undeniable lightness. Working in different ways such as moleskin, seersucker or velvet, cotton will bring a casual side to a complete. Thus, it will be easy to wear it unpaired. The other advantage of cotton is its great breathability which irrevocably associates it with the summer season. It will therefore be better to choose a two-piece with a destructured jacket in order to get a dressed and casual look. Last but not least, cotton is cheaper than wool. A cotton suit will therefore be more affordable than a woolen suit. Practice to embellish his summer dressing! The only notable deficiency of cotton is that it is difficult to withstand contact with water and other liquids. Avoid throwing yourself dressed in a swimming pool: besides being ridiculous, it is a safe bet that you will have ruined your two rooms. suit Cotton


Other linen fabric of the beautiful season, linen is undoubtedly the flagship material for hot and humid climates. Rugged and light, the linen fabric is crumpled very quickly. Difficultly portable in a very formal way, the linen imposes a certain relaxation. Forget about any superfluous accessory like a tie: the linen only accepts the silk pouch.


Due to its price, silk is only used to make a suit for mixtures, mainly wool or cotton. Thus, it is almost impossible to find 100% silk suits. Obtained thanks to arthropods (you know, all these harmless little beasts like spiders for example but which, however, can haunt your worst nightmares), silk adds shine and fluidity to the fabric. Thus, the fabric takes on more light and therefore makes it possible to obtain reflections. Therefore, this material is preferred for suits and other evening jackets. Silk suit

Polyester, viscose, etc.

This category includes all synthetic materials. Materials queens at the bottom of the entry level, they are not to privilege. Used to produce large quantities of suits at low cost, these materials are difficult to wear on a daily basis. Very little - if not practically no - breathable, the synthetic materials will facilitate your sweating. They will also be of no use in winter as their ability to retain heat is non-existent. Besides the fact that these materials do not know the definition of thermal insulation, their behavior is more than summary: they will tend to wrinkle easily and to wrinkle quickly. But their biggest negative point is undoubtedly the rendering: a synthetic suit is noticed directly. The only advantage to choose this type of material is the fact that one can find a set around 100 €, practical for small budgets.

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