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The company Sartoria Sapone Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 to provide premium custom made products to B2B and B2C customers. Our belt workshop has been proudly manufacturing premium belts for over 20 years, therefore we decided to launch this website with custom belts first, and to expand our product range as we grow. As a belt supplier, We strive to offer high quality products at an affordable price. In order to meet the requirements of our professional customers, we focus on our reliability, the respect of the deadlines and the efficiency of our process.

Our Brand

Sartoria Sapone Brand

The brand Sartoria Sapone was born in 2015, in Thailand, as a tribute to the famous artists tailor, Michele SAPONE. Born in Italy, he was famous for making his suits without instructions, just by studying his customers and their personality. Many artists enjoyed his suits, among them Pablo Picasso, Matisse or Georges Braque. We consider there is always a part of art when we are making a custom product for our customers. They can create a belt matching their image and personality with our tools.

Our Products

Sartoria Sapone Products

Sartoria Sapone is a premium belt supplier, which offers customization for a better look and fit. All our belts are made to order, following the design and specifications of our customers. The range of our products includes belts, leather bands, buckles, and adornments. Several options are available for these, from the size to the color. Each of our belt comes with a complimentary monogram, heat stamped on the back of the belt, near the belt tip, so that the customer can sign their creations.

Picasso Quote

Who Was Michele Sapone?

Michele Sapone was born in 1912, in a small village just north of Naples called Bellona. He followed an apprenticeship as a tailor and started working at 17. During World War II, he had to do his wartime service and he was sent to Split in Yugoslavia. He settled in the spring of 1950 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, on the Côte d’Azur, in France, where he opened his tailor shop.

There was apparently a Sapone style that was distinct from the classical Parisian style, but it was difficult to spot, as he was adapting his style to match the personality of his customer. Michele started accepting work of art as a payment and soon found celebrity in the pages of TIME Magazine.

Among his most famous customers are:

  • Manfredo Borsi
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Alberto Giacometti
  • Hans Hartung
  • Alberto Magnelli
  • Jean Arp
  • Antoni Clave
  • Georges Braque
  • Matisse

Picasso was more than a customer to Sapone. The artist produced a caricature of the tailor that summarizes their friendship. In a few strokes of crayon, Picasso has successfully encapsulated the whole personality of the "Sapone Bandito", all its sparkling vitality.

Sapone Bandito

The Tailor Caricature by Picasso

Michele Sapone Working

Michele Sapone in his workshop

Michele Sapone And Pablo Picasso

Michele Sapone And Pablo Picasso

Michele Sapone And Jacques Prevert

Michele Sapone And Jacques Prevert

Our Team

Our team is composed of professionals with skills from fashion and luxury world. We are offering premium products which respect international standards to guarantee the best customer experience.

Benjamin ZACHAR
Benjamin ZACHAR

Son and grandson of garment entrepreneurs, Benjamin graduated from a top French business school and earned his experience in fashion and tailoring companies. Founding partner of Bespoke RD, he decided to launch a new brand for custom made products with Sartoria Sapone.


Graduated from the 2nd university in Thailand, Dararat is a globetrotter who spends her time between Bangkok and Tokyo, always looking for new styles and new products. She loves fashion and accessories. Sartoria Sapone is her first adventure in the entrepreneurship world.

What Our Customers Say

Best. Product. Ever! Thank you so much for your quick delivery. Sartoria Sapone is now my official belt supplier!

Gabriel C.

I love the styles I can create and the quality is amazing for this price.

David D.

Very easy to order a custom belt. Perfect fit on the first try. I recommend.

Steph P.

I am a professional customer of Saroria Sapone. I like their sample set inspired from what is done in the tailoring companies. The quality is good and delivered on time.

Guillaume L.