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A Global B2B Solution

Sartoria Sapone started a successful collaboration between the best of European fashion know-how and the best workshop in Thailand to offer our customers a global solution for custom belts: From Leather Selection To After Sales Service. With a traditional know-how, an experience of over 20 years and the capacity of an industrial factory, Sartoria Sapone offers you to add custom belts to your own business easily.

When working with us, we guarantee no risk on inventory and no risk on payment. On one hand, the investment is minimal and consists in purchasing a sample set which includes the samples of all our leather bands, buckles and adornments. On the other hand, the customer is used to a pre-payment, as he understands that the product is made especially for him. Once the customer paid, you place the order and transfer the money. No order will be launched in production without the corresponding payment.

Custom Belt

European Quality Standards

Our raison d’être is to implement process derived from high-end European suppliers to provide products which respect high quality standards.

Belt Workshop

Premium Materials And Construction

We source only the best materials to use in our belts. We use only full grain leather to transform into a band with the best construction.

Belt Store

All-in-one Solution

Whether you are a brand distributor, a tailor shop or a self-employed entrepreneur, you will quickly understand how accommodating our solution is.

Our Solution At A Glance

The driving force of our partnership is the strong will to provide the best products and the best service from our team, in order to ensure that we are the easiest to work with. There are four key success factors that we focus on daily to stay simple and efficient.

  • We are consistent and reliable: We strive to provide top notch products at very competitive prices
  • We are in charge of the production: We let you focus on selling more to increase your turnover.
  • We are dedicated: Our team checks thoroughly the specifications and size of each product.
  • We are customer oriented: In our company, before all other things, our customers come first.

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A Solution Adapted To Your Needs

We will provide you the tools you need to start selling custom belts. If you are in the tailoring business, a belt is a nice addition to your range. We can also provide white label products for re-sellers who want to use their own brand, to make their own collection and to have premium personalized packaging.

Premium Custom Products

Limitless designs for your customer

Sartoria Sapone is a premium belt supplier, which offers customization for a better look and fit. All our belts are made to order, following the design and specifications of our customers. The range of our products includes belts, leather straps, buckles, and adornments. Several options are available for these, from the size to the color. Each of our belt comes with a complimentary monogram.

Efficient Custom Production

A Belt, made just for your customer

At Sartoria Sapone, all our belts are made to order, following the design and specifications from your order. The regular production time is 5 to 7 days, depending on the activity. We make a point to send your belt no more than 10 days after you place the order. If you need an order in a rush? Get in touch with us to check if we can speed up the process.

Thorough Quality Control

A dedicated team to check all products

Quality is a crucial factor in the survival of any company. It is even truer for a custom product supplier like us. We are equipped with a specialized production line, and a strong team of professionals with years of experience to back them. Providing consistency in quality of the belt requires a strict QC system: Our dedicated QC team checks the specifications and size of every belt produced.

A Premium Service, Always

We know who brings value to our company. It's our customers. That is why, at Sartoria Sapone, before all other things, our customers always come first. The rule is to treat customers how they wish to be treated.

Customer Service

Keep The Customer Satisfied
We ensure that we are always responsive and the easiest to do business with.

Added Value

Create Added Value For The Customer
We are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness.

The Customers We Serve

If you are looking for a responsive and reliable supplier, with a simple, light and efficient business model, Sartoria Sapone is your designated partner. We want to help you grow your business and grow with you. We make it is easy for everyone to start and operate quickly. We cater for the following customers.

waist size


waist size

Tailoring Stores

waist size


waist size


waist size

Hotels, Resorts
and Casinos

waist size

Companies and

A quick and easy training

The sales process of a custom-made belt is quite easy compared to the one of a tailor-made suit: Start with the design and finish with the waist size. All you need is a tape measure and 15 minutes.

How to take the right waist size?

waist size

How to get the right measurement? In the workshop, we usually use inches. Please don't forget to mention if you are using centimeters instead. We can adapt.

  • Ask your customer to put on a pair of pants and to stand in natural position, which is the best measuring posture
  • Thread a tape measure through the belt loops
  • Ask your customer to inhale so his waist is at the largest it will be, or you can put a finger between your customer's body and the tape measure to ensure maximum comfort
  • Take the measurement

What is the belt size?

belt size

This number you measured corresponds to the length of the tour of the strap – measured from the buckle to the mid hole – which is where it should be fastened, allowing for slightly higher or lower waist trousers and the natural variations in waist circumference we all go through.

If you wish to get further information about the belt selection (design, texture, color...) you can read our tips for fashion and style, or get in touch with us.

Discover Our Catalogue

In order to download our catalogue, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will be glad to present our full range of products, pricing and terms for B2B customers. Please note that we decided to offer our catalogue on an electronic version only.

Sartoria Sapone Catalogue